Disruptive Innovation

Hotel Chains Searching the Recipe Against Disruptive Innovation

After two decades of missing out on digital innovation, the hotel industry is starting to realize they need to drive digital transformation to counter disruptive innovation by newcomers. In this post, I want to look at different approaches to innovation and how the major hotel chains utilize them. In the second part, I share my personal experience and learning of being part of an award-winning digital transformation team in the banking sector. “Even with the Mac, Apple attracted a lot…

Airbnb Open

Airbnb Open Will Reveal Airbnb’s New Magical Feature

Created in 2008 by two designers with no professional hospitality knowledge Airbnb has become a phenomenon valued at $30 billion USD and a relevant player in the accommodation industry. In this post, however, I want to look at how Airbnb over the past years has implemented the ingredients required for what I believe will be their next big step. A new feature which they will unveil at this years Airbnb Open Conference that will transform them from being an alternative accommodation company to becoming…

Man holding sign with innovation

The decades of lost Innovation in the hospitality industry

A professor once taught me “Check yourself when things are going well”. Things are looking well for the hospitality industry, in particular, the hotel industry. With expected global revenue to grow to USD $ 550 billion until 2018, the industry could rest on their laurels. Looking at the hospitality industry from an outside point of view, I can’t stop to think that the hotel industry is facing some of its biggest challenges with a disruptive competitor on the rise and…

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