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A view from the outside offers fresh insights

Portrait of Sven Siat

Portrait of Sven Siat

We often don’t see the forest for all the trees. A shift in perspective helps us to see things differently. This blog aspires to offer new perspectives and fresh insights on digital innovation in hospitality. Digital transformation is continuing to reshape industries. And it will redefine the way we travel. In weekly blog posts, I will share new concepts, interesting approaches, and trends in the industry mixed with my experiences.

“If done just right a hotel, a restaurant, an encounter becomes part of a lasting memory of that trip.”

The past years I have been part of a very successful digital transformation team in the banking sector. The challenges the finance industry is facing due to the digitization of its industry are tremendous. Thus the scope of the projects I got to work on was enthralling: Digital Marketing, Social Media, Payment Apps, E-Banking, Mobile Banking.

My other passion besides technology is traveling. A big part of the travel experience is hospitality in the destination. If done just right a hotel, a restaurant, an encounter becomes part of a lasting memory of that trip. Whenever I travel, I catch myself thinking intensively about the changes coming to the industry due to digital transformation, especially the hotel industry.

My motivation for this blog is simple. I have been researching the hospitality industry for months and I want to share what I have learned by blending my readings, my experience, and my views into insightful pieces about digital innovation in the hospitality industry.

I hope you enjoy the reading.